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A Little Catching Up…Again

Sorry about the utter lack of content of late.  All summer has been spent visiting our dear friends in GA or them visiting us.  We also went to the beach with them…so we have been burning up the road.

The girls started school about two weeks ago.  I would like to say that I have been lounging in my satin robe eating bon-bons hand fed to me by Henry.  Alas, I cannot.  I have been volunteering at the library a good t, taking yoga a couple times per week, going crazy with Mycah’s chef birthday party and being a bit under the weather.  Oh, well…I don’t like sitting on my ass anyway….it just gets wider when you do that!

One trip to GA was exceptionally productive for me and I do have a couple of pictures to prove it……of course, I had to steal them from Wendy’s website.  (more on that later)  I’m sure everyone who reads this blog knows that I have some talented friends.  One of whom, is he Fashion Instructor at a private university in GA.  She is responsible for directing my husband’s purchase of my new pride and joy…the Bernina.  She decided that I needed some intensive sewing lessons; as in 4 days of non-stop, 10 hour a day sewing.  I had a really good start from working with Tracy and from the little knowledge needed to do the finish work on my knitting.  So, we worked and worked.  I learned how to make box pleats, how to finish seam allowances, how to make buttonholes and to put in invisible zippers.  I also learned the fine art of pressing and interfacing.  Anyway…I came away with a shirt for myself, a dress for each girl and a skirt for each girl.  AND…they actually look like something I would pay for…in a store!  Here’s a pic of the dresses and my top.


Now I am just going to add a bunch of photos…some of from the first day of school and some are from Mycah’s Birthday Party.  She had a chef’s birthday…that explains the aprons.  The kids made a mess and had a blast.  Also, the photo from the last post with the yarn and such in it is from a swap I received from a  great gal in VA.  I was trying to get the picture from here to Ravelry asap since it is bad form not to acknowledge receiving a swap as soon as you get it.  Plus, I got a great swap, so I really, really wanted to make sure my partner knew I was appreciative.  So, I threw it up on the blog hoping it would help me get it on Rav….it didn’t work.  I had to link to my blog.  But, at least it is in the blogosphere, somewhere.

One more thing, check out the photos Wendy took of the girls.  They are on her website.  She is starting up her photography business and I have to say…if you are in Middle TN, you’d be foolish not to use her!!!!!

Lace Swatch

Contrary to what one might think, this is not  the front of a knitted G-string.  This is a swatch for my swap partner (see below).  I was to swatch the pattern I picked for her and then post it on Ravelry.  I may have messed up because I am thinking I should have sent it to he.  I don’t know.  Anyway, it is the end of the tie on the Clementine Shawl in the summer IK 2007.  The pattern in so sweet that I may have to make one too.  It looks like a pretty quick knit.  It is a mini-shawl or shawlette.  I’m not sure I would where it as a shawl, but i might make a nice bunchy scarf.  One more thing to add to my ever expanding list of things to make!


This is my swap package from Piercy in the monthly swap group I am in in on Ravelry.  Even though it is monthly, I don’t participate every month.  With all that has gone on this year, I just have not been able to invest the time that the swaps deserve.  This time I really waned to be in because it was a lace swap.  I had a great time picking out my swap partners yarn and goodies….but I have to say, Opening this package was even better! 

I have been lusting after this yarn called Dream in Color.  All of you knitters know what I’m talking about…you non-knitters, let’s just say it’s a luxury car.  Anyway, every time I try to buy it, it is sold out.  This is some hot yarn.  So, imagine my total and utter surprise when I opened the package to find Dream in Color in a color that is absolutely what I would have picked!  In addition to that there was Blue Sky Skinny Dyed cotton with a note on it that it was for the Preemie Project!  There is a pattern for the yarn too.  Piercy did an amazing job picking out colors, patterns and really paying attention to what was going on with me.  She even put a note in saying she hopes we get settled in our new house so I can knit! 

This was such a lovely suprise and a sorely needed one.  She lifted my spirits and made me feel special.  I sure hope that my swap partner feels the same about her package.