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Guilt is a funny thing.  It’s one of those feelings that has it’s place.  It keeps us in line.  It motivates us to follow through when we promise something, to not do something that we know we will regret, to tell the truth.  Unfortunately, it also causes me to work when I’m sick, to feel bad if I can’t get off the couch and to generally beat my self up for not being perfect.  Hubby just explained to me that I am making myself miserable and he does not want the girls learning my bad habits.  Whoa…talk about a “come to Jesus moment.” 

I’m in the middle of the worse exacerbation I have had.  No, I haven’t lost the use of my legs, arms or eyes.  I have excruciating pain reverberating up and down one side of my head.  Apparently it is trigeminal neuralgia. It’s not pretty people.  The only way I’m not writhing in (intermintent, but seems pretty frequent) pain is by taking a load of drugs…then I’m stupid.  I can’t wash my hair, bend over, eat anything hot, cold or bubbly.  The girls can only kiss me on one side of my face and unfortunately they know it.  I feel so guilty for not cooking and cleaning and most of all not working.  I had to call in.  It makes me sick.  I have just given my notice and want everything to be perfect before I leave and I can’t stand to hold the phone to work.  Guilt, guilt, guilt.  I feel like I have a big fat looser sign on my forehead. 

Well…that was a big long whine.  On to better news.  I finished the shawl for Grey’s school.  They had a silent auction.  I raised $11,000.  I’m not sure how much the shawl fetched.  I know it was over 60 or so.  Here it is modeled my my friend Anne at Crazy Girl Yarn Shop in Coralville.


Finished Objects….hats

I finished two hats recently.  The first was my favorite baby hat for little girls.  It’s a free pattern.  I’ve made several and have been super happy each time.  Here’s the link.    I made one for Grey’s teacher.  One of the other mom’s had a baby shower for her a week ago this past Sunday.  I knit the hat in one evening and finished early that morning.  I made it from an incredible yarn I got in an exchange. The yarn is called Sublime and ……yes, it is.  Here’s a link.  The color is waterleaf.  It is a merino and not superwash.  But, she was good with that and since it is a hat I figured she would not have to launder it too often.  I washed it in Soak before blocking it and it smelled heavenly.  She loved it.  Here are the pics…….


The second hat is for a swap recipient.  I have to mail it tomorrow.  I can go ahead and post because she does not know who her swap partner is.  I am so worried.  I love the hat.  I think it’s funky, the color is great and it is made from Malabridgio, which is softer than soft.  I checked her profile out on Ravelry and she really seemed like someone who would go for something a little out of the ordinary……please pray with me that I’m right because this hat was NOT the easiest thing I have ever knitted.  It is a Woollywormhead hat.   The construction is so interesting.  Most hats I have knitted have been in the round.  I enjoy this because they are pretty quick and require little purling.  The WW hats are knit flat using short rows with decorative wrap and turns in conjunction with the pattern.  The hats are started with a provisional cast on and then kitchnered together to produce a seamless hat.  I was so intrigued by this method that I knit most of it over the course of less than a week.  Then I got burned out…I just wanted it done.  I got interested again right before I finished and will certainly make more of her hats but not under a deadline.  I did end up with a silver dollar sized hole at the top after it was grafted, so I picked stitches along the edge and knit a little decorative decrease until I could close it up like a regular in the round hat.   In the end I really like that little detail!  Please forgive the pictures.  It is so hard to get a decent picture of a hat when you are using yourself as the hat model!  I would have used one of the girls, but their heads were too small! 


By the way here is the link for the hats

The coolest thing is that she has self published an entire book of her cool hats using Lulu.  You can order it print on demand basically or you can do as I did and pay for the PDF version which is delivered immediately.  The book is very high quality and a steal at something like $25 or so.


mycahs-slippers.jpgmycah-and-slippers.jpgOn the knitting front…I finished Mycah’s slippers.  She insisted on non-matching star buttons. I just wanted to state for the record, they were not my choice, but the slippers were made for her, so I let it be.  She was pretty pleased but they do not stay on.  I think they may need a bit of elastic at the heel.  These are sized up from the Sarrtje’s baby booties I did for the Preemie Project.  Grey has requested a pair as well.  I will actually have to work to figure these out because her foot is much larger and I cannot just go up to a heavier yarn and larger needle like I did for Mycah.

Grey has not been left out in the cold though…Meme (my momma) sent her a pair of knitted slippers from TN.  Momma made them in a bright multi-colored yarn.  They are so cute.  Grey had pj day at school a few weeks ago and she had to wear them.  Of course, she stepped in something she described as “throw-up” and brought them home in a plastic bag.  The good news is that they washed and dried beautifully.  No harm, no foul and all of her classmates got to see them!


I currently have Elliot’s little sweater on the needles and a hat for the tops and pots swap on Ravelry.  I’m pretty excited about both but dying to cast on for a shawl from the new IK.   It is incredible to say the least.  I have some alpaca with a twist in a soft grey that I got from a new buddy I made at Knitty and who is also on Ravelry.  Here’s her blog…she’s pretty cool.   Check her out.  I got some lovely sock yarns too.  SO, I’m dying to cast on socks, as well.  There just is not enough time in the day to knit as much as I want, work, cook, clean and keep up with a couple of crazy girls.  Whoops…forgot the hubby…yeah he needs a little attention too!