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Randomness and Catch-up, again, again, again

I am determined to post tonight.  In all honesty I have wanted to post a number of times over the last month and have just become too irritated with the Mac to do it.  See, I have been a PC user until this past Christmas>  I needed a new computer, so Henry bought me the one I wanted terribly… MacBook Pro.  It is awesome, but I did not take a clas…I am not that kind of person, I like to figure things out on my own.  Unfortunately, the thing that would have helped me the most is what I need to post easily.  I need a simple explanation as to where to store things and how to access them easily so that I can load the photos into my post.  Agggghhhhh, I will beat this!

Anyway, onto the blog.  We are in the middle of renovation land at the moment.  The new house has had much work done to her and will have much more work to come.  Henry and I have painted the living room, the dining room, the guest room downstairs, and the girls playroom.  Now, while this may sound like no big deal, let me explain…..our gal is tall!  She has 12ft ceilings which required the purchase of a baker scaffold.  We have not turned on the air as we want the house to air out both the paint fumes and the order that she has acquired before our purchase.  Anyway, it is hot in TN.  It takes me and Henry 2 days per room to lay on two coats of paint.  The dining room took three days because we had to paint the poop-BROWN ceiling.  We still have the girls room, our room, two bathrooms and the yet to be completed kitchen to paint.

In addition to the painting, we will be ripping out the master bath due to some hidden water damage and not hidden hideousness and the kitchen will be finished by the contractor and a library will be built in the other guest room downstairs.   All of this is supposed to be complete by the end of July so that we can move in and get settled before the girls start school.  We are crazy!  We will make it.  Here are a couple of pictures for your enjoyment>>>

That’s the kitchen before.

Above is the before of the dining room.

In news unrelated to the house, I have been doing a bit of sewing, knitting and hand sewing.  I took a class with Lori at Textile Fabrics  .   The class was on reverse applique and was with Natalie Chanin.   It really got me excited about working on ANYTHING again.  I have barely knit in the last couple of months because of the house and because I had gone back to work temping for my old company.  I have been so busy and so tired, I have not felt like doing anything.  It was great to get my hands busy making something again.  The creating bug bit hard, so I took advantage of having Lori at hand and dug out two old unfinished sewing projects.  Last summer I attempted a dress for each girl and made some fatal errors in the construction.  This was before my week long sewing lesson with Lori.  I sheepishly dug them out to show her.  She said it was salvageable and we began to rip.  We ripped out most of my sewing, ironed and repaired.  Now, my girls each have the dresses I promised them last year.  I also cut out another dress for Grey last night and sewed it.  She was pretty pleased with it as well!

I would love to tell you more, but I will save it for later as this stupid post has taken an hour!!!!

Home Improvement

Any of you who know Henry and em in real life know that we have a weakness for books.  Many are reference books (art history, design, technique, etc.)  We also findit difficult to give away or rid ourselves of any book, no matter how out of date, useless or totally unloved.  Because we have so many books, we built a library in our farm house years ago.  It had cabinets on the bottom and shelves to the ceiling.  The cabinets and shelving wrapped the room.  Now that we have moved we have found the need to build another library.  However, we took what we learned from the last build and improved upon it.  (I think.) 

I put the stock cabinets together in the farm house library and we had a carpenter build the shelves.  It took him forever and I think we paid too much.  This time we decided that Henry would do all of the building.  I was supposed to be the mathematician.  I think this is how we wound up with about thirty more shelves than we needed for the bookcases. 

The bookcase is completely built in and custom to the room.  We have completed one wall and think that this will give us a start, but we will have to do one more wall to really house all the books.  If anyone is doing this, make sure you use a nice plywood for the shelves and have the home store rip it down to shelf size because it will save at least half the cost of using solid shelving boards.  We used red oak ply for the shelving, red oak trim to cover the edges for the ply and give a more finished, beefed up look  and red oak board for the uprights. 

As far as tools, you will need a chop saw, hammer, pneumatic nail gun, nail set, a long and a short level, wood putty and varnish.  I am going to post some of the in progress shots and tomorrow or the next day I will post a finished shot, then one with books on the shelves.  Notice the one with Henry in it to show the scale of these shelves….they are pretty massive.

This last photo is of the closet in the library.  The floor was pretty bad in there and we could not refinish it like the rest, so I used the cut ends of wood we were using to piece together a crazy floor.  Once it is nailed down and given a couple of coats of poly it should look pretty funky…just the way we like it.