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Knitter’s Must See

What are you doing June 14?

Not only is the Artisan Festival going to be happening, but there’s knitting in the park for World Wide Knit in Public Day.  The Artisan Festival is an incredible experience if you haven’t been.  This is a juried craft fair.  The artists are of the highest quality.  HH and I know a few of them.  I went to school wit Sherry Ramsey-Hall.  She is a jeweler and is usually there.  Her work is magnificent.  Tell her I sent you if you happen to go.  After you hit the craft fair, come by and see me.  I will be with a bunch of people I don’t know, knitting.  It’s an outreach kind of thing and you know I love to get new people addicted  interested in knitting.  Come by, I will teach you to knit.  I’m planning on bringing some inexpensive needles.  I’ll teach you and you can take the yarn and needles!

For you Sock Knitters…you know who you are!

You should check out All Tangled Up’s website.  It’s one of my consistently favorite blogs.  She is weighing sock yarns and comparing the weight with what is on the label.  A lot is pretty surpising.  A couple of grams here and there on a dk or worsted weight yarn may not make that much difference…but in sock yarn, it could be the difference in an unfinished second sock…especially if you’re knitting top down.   Here she is