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Update on the farmyard

Henry and I have made a good deal of progress on the play mat portion of the Knitted Farmyard, but not much on the actual animals and such.  I need to get on the stick and let the other moms know what is needed.  I think we will have to make a less ambitious farm.  I am thinking we will have 4 or 5 hens, a pig, a horse, a cow and a donkey.  We will have the house, the mom and dad and a baby, but probably not any other children.  We will also have hay bales and cabbages in the fields.  I think the farm should still be a pretty nice set.  I just need to limit exactly how much we need as we only have one month to complete it.  We have discovered that the pompom make makes amazing bushes and trees.  This saves us from having to latch hook and sculpt a bunch of places and our girls LOVE to make pompoms.  Here is an updated photo…..

We have a snow day tomorrow, so we plan on staying home and getting a lot done on this guy.  Also, I have learned to crochet little hearts.  I am making a ton for the girls to use on their handmade valentines for their classmates. I am very proud of my meager crocheting and the girls seem pleased.  I think they will work on valentines this weekend as well.  They have friends coming over on Saturday and it seems like a great thing to keep all of them busy while getting something done that has to be done anyway.

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  1. rebeccawip

    wtg on crochet hearts! that’s not meager! love the idea
    youguys are doing great on the farm
    i love how this is such a great family activity
    i nominate you for mother of the year ;D
    miss you and love you guys

    January 21, 2011 at 3:03 am