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New entry, without photos or finished objects!

I’ve spent most of my free time sewing with Lori today.  (the time that was not filled with making dinner, taking grey to a playdate, meeting with the contractor or the myriad fo other things that seem to happen over the course of a day)  Anyway, I cut out my pattern after extensive alterations to said pattern by Lori.  I happen to be very lucky as Lori is a fashion design and patterning instructor at a university in GA.  So, she worked on a commercial pattern that I purchased because it was similar to one of my favorite summer shirts.  I am very hot natured these days and I hate to wear unflattering things just because they are cooler.  So, I thought  I would make a few tops.  Lori have really worked on this pattern to get it to fit me and look the way I want.  Of course, i happen to like details…those little details  that make sewing something an absolute crazy pain in the ass and I am an adventurous beginner at best.  I made several error s this evening due to being tired and having a headache, so I have nothing to show you.  In the morning I will rip part of the neckline out and sew in the facing.  then I will hem tha shirt and I will be able to show you a beautiful finished object…………I hope.

On a totally different note, I started a pair of socks last night and they are going well.  They are infinitely more portable than the shawl that has to grow beyond comfortable portability!!!!

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  1. Dianne, I saw you (via your comment) and I commented back to you. I hope we see your shirt soon. Did you know that Anna Maria Horner is doing a sewing class at Frist at the end of the summer? I am going to try to make it.

    June 18, 2010 at 7:29 pm

  2. Dianne – OF COURSE I knit. The plan is to learn how to make socks before it get cold here. I only know of one good yarn store @ Nashville -Yarnhaus, do you know of any others? Carolina

    July 26, 2010 at 9:24 pm