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Well, it’s 11:35 the night before I leave on a 22.5 hour trip to France to see my sis and her family.  I’m pretty keyed up.  I spent the day doing some last-minute grocery shopping (Henry did 99% of it yesterday, but could not locate everything we needed), prepping and vacuum sealing all prepped ingredients for Henry, going over schedules and how to cook all the ingredients into edible meals with Henry, taking the girls to a carnival and lastly……packing.  I should be passed out in bed.  Instead, I am awake.

I just returned from a trip to New York with Lori on Tuesday.  I was gone 5 days and it felt like 5 years.  The first couple of days were great, but then I started to feel lonely.  That’s an odd way to feel in  place like New York, where you can”t turn around without making an intimate acquaintance of a stranger and I was with amazing people.  Don’t get me wrong,  I had a great time.  I just felt disconnected.

Now I am going to visit my sis……the person that I miss so bad it aches….yet I am still nervous about leaving my family.  I know they will be fine without me.   I just will be missing stuff.  What stuff?  I don’t know…but stuff, nonetheless.

I will post pictures of New York as soon as I can upon return from France and of course I will post the France pics asap.

Good Deed and Good Breakfast

Last night Henry and I took the girls to our favorite sushi place.  We go at least twice a month and the staff love our girls.  Te girls are very comfortable there and we trust them enough there to go to the restroom together.  (Yes, this does have a point…give me a minute.)  Anyway, 2/3 of the way through dinner the girls had to go to the restroom.  They went and were gone for a very short time before returning with a WALLET!   It was a white and pink wallet that was very, very fat.  It was worn and fat.  It had he look of a little thing that held someone’ life as tightly as a bit of synthetic leather and metal can.  The girls were very concerned.  We caught the manager and the girls handed it over to him.  He promised to find its owner.  A few minutes later one of the waitresses comes to table near tears.  She wants to thank the girls (they had gone back to the bathroom to finish their business).  She waits until they return and thanks them profusely.  She hugged them and told them what good girls they are.  She explained that she had just received her weeks pay and it was apparently in the wallet.  Now this particular lady works at TWO restaurants we visit.  She is a very hard working woman.  The girls were kind of stunned to receive such gratitude from a grown up, a person they didn’t know well and for something they knew they should have done….but they were very pleased.

Right before we left, Sam, the waitress, brought a big bag of Japanese candies to the girls.  They almost came out of their skins!  They adore these treats because they are so different from the stuff you get at the supermarket. We tried to beg off, but she was adamant that she gie the candy to the girls as a thank you for such a good deed.  She thanked us too for raising such good girls.  Wow, they are good girl, if I do say so myself.  Here they are with their reward.

good deed

This morning we made ebelskiver together.  Henry and I went to Williams Sonoma yesterday and ran into a pan we couldn’t resist.  Here’s a link and a better photo.  Henry was intrigued and I consented to trying these.  I picked up the cookbook as well.  The interesting thing about these is that you beat egg whites and incorporate them into the batter in order to make them very fluffy.  They puff up like and are the size of golf balls.  I made one batch that was cinnamon and brown sugar.  These had no filling.  Then I made some filled with jam as well.  The girls helped and we had a pretty good time.  Everyone loved them but me.  I really do not like pancakes and I don’t think they are different enough to make me like them.  They are much eggier than pancakes, but still, no go for me.  Here’s photos of the process.  It’s a bit more involved than pancakes, but we had fun.  Oh, ignore the pj’s and bedhead…please.

One more thing…I forgot.  The first egg I cracked was double yolked!