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Long Time, No See

I haven’t posted in a while.  I’m not sire why other than being so consumed with not having Henry here.  I miss him so much, he girls miss him so much and I feel very disconnected.  We went six weeks without seeing him.  It was hell.  Of course on the good note, Becca and her kids came for a visit and Chance and Emmy stayed with us for a few weeks. I think that is what got me so down.  Henry was gone and then I as so busy with family that it was ok…..but then they all left….at the same time.  While it’s nice to get back to a regular schedule, I really felt pretty deflated.

We visited Henry on May 2 to help him prepare for is MFA show.  Now, I have always felt like my husband was a pretty amazing artist, but I have to say…this show was so, so great that I was pretty awe-struck of him.  He has really worked his ass off for three years and it was great to see it all come together.  I was terribly worried when he lost so much work in the flood, but he really got crazy busy and it didn’t seem like anything was missing.  I couldn’t imagine another piece.  He took the show down yesterday and today and packed his trailer.  He will drive home tomorrow and probably get here late Monday afternoon.  It’d be great if he made it home for dinner, but I’m not sure that will happen.  It doesn’t matter…he will be home.  I think I found a studio for him here.  It’s just a couple of blocks away.  He could walk.  The lady is supposed to call me back tomorrow. Cross your fingers!!!

I’m leaving you with a bunch of misc photos, all related to above.  They have titles, so you can figure it out.

erin and the girls may 2009miss aimeehenry and the girls may 2009 iowa citygrey and her doll on the planemycah on the planeme and erin may 2009grey and mycah with fav sculpture iowa citymycah and her alphabet cards