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Nightgowns, Clapotis, Spring

OK.  Nothing I cannot think of any eloquent idea to link the myriad of things I have to blog about, so I will just go through all of the pictures I have for you.

The first is a couple of pictures of my nightgown….yes, my nightgown!  I know that this whole thing good disintegrate into something that I’ll be kicking myself for….but I’m going to risk it.  There is a back story here.  Henry bought me a sewing machine for Christmas.  Now, I have “sewn” before.  The sewing that I did was very free form.  I did a lot of satin stitch as part of larger pieces in book arts.  I know the basics of the machine, but I do not know about cutting out patterns and then making them work.  So, I used the machine a bit, but not much.  I was really anxious to ramp up my skills so that I could make clothing for me and the girls.  I have a quirky sense of style and am not easy to fit since the extra weight, so I thought sewing would be the way.

Enter Tracey.  Tracey is a supper club friend from the Boro’.  So here’s the deal with this.  I have never felt so connected, loved and part of something as I felt when our family was part of the supper club.  I miss it. I am lucky in that I have Wendy here, but two people don’t really make a community.  I am trying here, but it takes a long time to develop the kind of relationships we had in Murfreesboro.  You know, the kind where you let the kids run knowing that if they were in imminent danger or were doing something that did not fit the accepted norm f the group, then one of the other friends would say “hey, sew-n-sew, don’t do that.”  It was cool…no parent got their feelings hurt and neither did the kids.  Anyway, the short of this (although it looks like any hope of short has gone to hell) is that I was feeling a little like an island that very few people visited.  So, Tracey calls me out of the blue one day.  She said, “I’ve been thinking about you.  I’d like to come and help you get the sewing thing going.”  I just cried.

So, Tracey came over today and spent 5 hours walking me through sewing a nightgown.  I realize that most of you would think…a nightgown…slap a couple of pieces of fabrics together and call it done.  You all know that I don’t do that.  My gown has a collar that is double faced and sewn on and set in sleeves that finish off the shoulders, much like the way a baseball shirt is made.   It is flannel and I love it.  Here it is !


And just for the heck of it a couple of pictures of the girls.


The second part of the post is for the clapotis I have finished.  It is not blocked, but it will be tomorrow.   It is a wool and bamboo blend.  A sock yarn…no idea of the name.  I have the label somewhere.  Oh well.  I could be happier.  The color pooled in a way that I was not totally happy with, but that’s how it happens sometimes.


Here’s the spring part.  The girls spent an hour or two drawing on the sidewalk and running around looking for secret things Friday afternoon.  They also put some stuff out for the fairies.  After they took a bath due to being covered in chalk, we walked to Maffioza’s.  The only thing that would have made it better would be Henry.


Aren’t those girls the funniest little things!

Oh,  forgot one more thing.  Mycah had her first artist reception Saturday.  Her school had a show at the TN Art League.  She was less than cooperative when I asked to photograph her with her piece.  Humph…she may turn out to be an artist after all.


MS Awareness Week

Yes….it’s that time of year again.  I find it hard to believe it has been a year since my last similar post. Little did I know then that I was on the verge of a relapse.  Little did I know it would effect me and my family so much.  I have recovered from the relapse with little evidence of it other than the stark reality that I really do have MS and it REALLY can disrupt our lives.  I am so fortunate that I have made such a great recovery…..many are not as fortunate.  I am so lucky that we have health insurance…many do not.  I am so lucky that I have a husband who sands with me and even carries me when I need him to.  I have my girls who love me and are so gentle with a sick mommy.  I have parents, step-parents,sisters, grandparents, and more cousins than I can shake a stick at who support me.  I have friends who have become family who support me.  I am soooo lucky…but many are not.

For those who aren’t as lucky…I am going to walk in the MS Walk at Edwin Warner Park.

I have another reason for walking… two girls.  I never want them to have to hear “you have MS.”  I never want your kids to hear it.  I would be quite satisfied if no person ever had to hear those words again.

Support my walk…help me beat the MonSter down!!!

4th Annual MS Awareness Week
March 2 – 8, 2009

MS Awareness Week leads into the annual Public Policy Conference in Washington D.C.  The goals of this week are to acknowledge people who are a part of the movement, to invite new people to the movement and to encourage everyone to take action.  The Mid South Chapter has many programs and events planned for the week.  Check out the Programs and Services page for more information on these events.