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Last Day of November

Well, my goal of posting every day in November went up in smoke.  I think I’m at about 50%.  I have to say, that’s better than I had been doing.  Oh well. 

This last post of November is about Thanksgiving.  I spent a wonderful thanksgiving with my two girls, my husband, my sister and two of her children and my friend Wendy.  This was a pretty small get together compared to what I am used to, but it was great.  My sis, Allison, has been very stressed and down of late and I have been very concerned.  She seemed to have a really good time and I really got to talk to her.  We hung out in the kitchen with the littlest (10 month old Elliot) and cooked.  This is the thing though….we cooked on our schedule, with no deadlines, no other place to be and no….anything.  We had decided on a 5pm dinner and came fairly close to the mark, but again, close enough, was close enough.  Allison made a sweet potato souffle that will forever and ever be our go to recipe for sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving.  We found it while flipping through the cookbook looking for a different sweet potato casserole.  I brined my turkey the night before and then buttered him down and cooked him a good portion of the day.  I have to say…that was pretty good turkey! We had the misc side dishes that are the standard must haves and we had pies made by my girls!  Wednesday night I let them make a pumpkin pie each and a fudge pie each.  They had on  aprons at the kitchen island just working their tails off!  It was great.  The girls were sweet, really interested, well behaved….I felt like I was June Cleaver…but of course, way COOLER!  Anyway I’m tried of writing and am suffering with this cold, so I will leave you with a few of my favorite pics from this week.  



PS…Thank for the pictures, Wendy!