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You know, most people out there are jumping up and down that today is Friday…especially the Friday before Thanksgiving….but I am not feeling it.  I am tired.  I have really worked out hard this week, cleaned the house from top to bottom and cooked for friends.  Now I have tomorrow and Sunday to look forward to.  Why, you ask, would I be so unhappy about Saturday and Sunday?  (even if you didn’t ask, i’m tellin’)  Henry and I have to try to get the farm cleaned out.  When we moved we brought everything we actually use and a little more.  What we did not bring was the stuff that clutters one’slife.  Henry is a very sentimental guy.  The farm was in his family for almost 100 years.  His grandfather and grandmother raised three daughter there.  His mother lived there and ran the farm.  Then he took it over.  We have three generations of things to go through and Henry has to make agonizing decisions about what to do with it all.  Now, some of it is not precious in the sentimental way, some of it is fodder for sculpture.  That stuff has to get to a storage place so that it can hang out until we find him a studio.  Of course, we will get to move it one more time. 

I also did not know that my niece’s party was going to be tomorrow, until last night.  Now I have the guilt of not going even though I did not know and I have made all these arrangements already.  Ummphhh.

Of course this tale of woe will not result in a complete disaster of a weekend.  David, Lori, Drew and Zoe are coming to stay with us and watch our girls.  So, we get to spend some time with them.  We miss them terribly and jump at any chance w can to have them here or to visit them in GA.  And…on the bight side, we should be nearing completion on finishing up the farm by Monday.  I think the worst will be done and everything else will be downhill.  I will be glad to have a much smaller corner of the world to be concerned with soon!