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Archive for November 20, 2008

Kitchen Island and Spinning Wheel

Amy wanted to see a picture of the new kitchen island.  So, here it is.  I am still crazy about it.  I have re-evaluated my hatred of the black and white tile.  It’s not so bad…now.  I think I will paint the kitchen and maybe tile the backsplash and then just live with the floor.  I can do the painting and the tilework, so it should be a pretty cheap fix and I think I will love my kitchen.  (well, i already love it, i would just love it more)



In non-kitchen news, I received my spinning wheel yesterday.  I staked out the front porch by sitting in the dining room playing on the computer while waiting on dinner to finish cooking.  I turned on all of the lights in the front of the house and on the front porch.  he UPS man arrived at 6:08 or so.  I had the door open adn my arms out before he got up the steps!  I told him how happy I was that he delivered my spinning wheel….he just grinned….he had no idea what I was talking about!!  Anyway, after dinner me and the girls put the beast together.  It wasn’t too bad, it took about an hour.  I am pretty sure that it would not have taken so long had I not had so much help.  The girls treadled before I gave them baths and put them to bed.  They are really thrilled with the thing.  After they went to bed I stayed up trying to make yarn.  Notice…there are no yarn pictures.  I think I am going to have to practice a lot.  Spinning is not as intuitive as it looks!  Oh well, here’s a picture of my new baby.  Not sure if she will have a name or not.