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What a good day!

I am proud to say that I met with the trainer at the YMCA today.  I signed up for a program called First Steps.  It is free to new members.  It’s one of those where they discus your goals, get you going and then you check in every other week or so for some tweaking.  It’s not a full blown personal trainer thing, but it is definitely a first step, a good step, for me.  I’ve spent the last four years mad at my body, disgusted with it’s major flaw that has given rise to weight gain, fatigue and various stupid little miseries that I don’t care to name.  I have allowed MS to define me and make me hate my body.  I was once healthy and very strong. I could out work Henry.  We worked sun-up to sun-down remodeling and organizing the farm.  Lately, I feel lucky if I make through the end of the day.  Well, I’m done.  MS…..BITE ME.

Anyway, sorry that little rant.  So, I met with the nicest guy at the Y.  He put me through the paces, but was very sweet and encouraging.  He made me a little card so that I can track stuff and said “good girl”  when I finished things or needed a little boost!  I felt like I really accomplished something.  I worked out for about 45 minutes doing both cardio and weight training.  I committed to doing this three times a week.  I have to do this two more times this week and meet back with him on Monday.  Plus, I am going to continue to swim with Wendy on Tuesdays and Thursdays.    I am very hopeful and excited about this.  I think tomorrow I will get Wendy to take my measurements so I can write them down and have another way to track my progress instead of just using a scale.

Another great thing happened today.  I finally got my butcher block.  I ordered it about a month ago.  When I got home from the Y Henry was putting the legs on.  The thing weighs 168 pounds.  We had quite a time getting it upright!   It is perfect.  I couldn’t be happier.  Mycah went to Target with me to get stools.  We got those saddle style stools because they have a pretty small footprint.  I was hoping that having a palce for the girls to be in the kitchen would encourage them to be in there while I am cooking and/or help with the cooking.  Well, it worked…at least for the first night.  Grey and Mycah pulled the stems off the spinach, helped measure the brown rice for cooking and watched me prep the chicken for baking.  (no, i did not put raw chicken on my new butcher’s block)  They were so thrilled with the stools and the block that they asked to eat dinner at it.  We did and had a great time.

My last little thrill just occurred.  I got an email saying that my wheel should be here Wednesday!!!!!!!!! Yes!  I was hoping it would get her before Lori and her family come up this weekend.  This is going to be fun.