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Archive for November 6, 2008

Short post about a hat

Throughout my life I have found that most things happen for a reason.  Sometimes, we have to search really hard for a reason.  Sometimes, we don’t.  Here’s a no-brainer.  WordPress a feature that I quite enjoy called “tag surfer.”  You can type in tag words and WordPress will go out to cyberspace to fetch any blog entry on WordPress that features a tag that you have shown an interest in.  Three days ago I happened upon ChocolateSheep.  Here’s her blog link  .  This happens to be one I do not remember ever coming across before.  I read her post (amazing as it was one without pics and I usually skip those) about her effort to get knitted hats for her son’s class as one fo the boys in the class has a brain tumor and will be undergoing chemo soon.  All of the classmates have decided to shave their heads in a  show of solidarity with this young man.  She put a call out for hats.  How could I NOT knit these boys a hat???? I had to.  My accidental stumble of her blog lead me to knit a hat for a child I will never know who is standing by his friend.  Things do happen for a reason.

The hat is finished.  I will photograph it in the morning after I steam the raglan decreases (Turn A Square Hat Pattern by Jared Flood) and weave in eleven million ends since I had to get cute and jazz it up a bit.