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The Tuscany, She Is Done!

I just finished binding off the Tuscany Shawl.  I doubled checked Ravelry only to find that the shawl took me a little longer than I thought.  I cast on September 22 and finished November 3.  I will say that during this time I have made a puppet for Ms. Silva’s class, separated countless books for her by chapter, had Grey tested and now signed up for Sylvan, went to Georgia to visit David, Lori, Drew and Zoe, cooked and cleaned as normal and worked on another 3 or 4 knitted items.  So, I guess I am saying, I didn’t sit still every day for 4 hours a day and knit on this thing.  Had I done that, I would have been finished in 10 days.  I don’t have a picture yet.  It’s dark outside, light is bad in the house and I look a little worse for the wear today.  I’m going to where it tomorrow to go vote.  I’ll make sure to get a picture then.  I think mine turned out a little bigger than the shawl in the book, which is what I wanted.  I used a fingering weight….made sport weight, Alpaca.  It is so warm and soft and unbelievable.  Pictures tomorrow.

Oh…..if anyone has not told you in a direct…..I’m-pointing-at-you-MR/Ms way…….tomorrow is a very important day for our country. If you did not early vote, please exercise your right tomorrow.  Henry and I will ake the girls with us.  This will be their second time to come to vote with us.  It won’t be their last.  No matter who ou are voting for, go do it.  Have your voice heard and take your kids no matter the age so that they can see you performing your civic duty and exercising your rights.  GET OUT THE VOTE!

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