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All Saints Day

Today was All Saints Day at church.  The purpose is to remember/honor those who has passed away during the previous year.  Most of you who read my blog are aware that my grand daddy died this year.  I did not really post about it because I really wasn’t ready to talk about it over the internet.  But, today was a good day, a hard one, but a good one.  The ceremony was very touching and I was very emotional.  Henry was hugging me and I leaned my head on his shoulder.  This was a big mistake…I poked him in the eye with my crazy (growing out, curly) hair.  I got tickled and almost lost it.  Good grief, I’m such a klutz!

My grand-daddy, Sneed Ladd, was a truly remarkable man.  He was a regular, working guy.  He delivered milk and ice cream his entire work life.  He helped Nanny raise 4 children and was the proud grandfather to 11 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren(gosh, i hope i counted right).  Grand daddy was a man of few words.  he sat back an took everything in before voicing his opinion…if he gave it.  Should you ask for advise, he was always willing to give you whatever he had with a quite strength and heart full of love that made you certain that he was right and that even if you chose the path he would not have had you choose, he would always be there to hug you and tell you everything would be ok.  Grand daddy saw his children, grand-children and great grandchildren make plenty of mistakes.  He never judged and never turned his back on any of us.  All of the love he showed his family he also showed not only to the members of his church but to anyone he met. 

After church we went out to eat with the clan…..about 30 of us.  Yeah, they never saw us coming!  It was fun.  The girls love hanging out with their cousins.  We got home around 2:30 or so.  I cleaned the house a bit and then helped Henry work on the girls’ fort/swingset thing.  It is still not done, but very close.  Maybe I can work on it some more tomorrow since the rest is lightweight, mundane work. 

Afterwards, the girls had peanut butter sandwiches as Henry helped me install the under-counter CD player int he kitchen.  He brought it back from the farm.  I had specifically asked him for it because I really like listening to a CD or the radio while I’m in the kitchen.  I also like turning up a fun CD or the girls and them dancing like maniacs while I cook.  It is a great stress reliever and I also wind up laughing like crazy.  Anyway, I have missed my kitchen CD player.  There was a CD in it when I plugged it up.  It was Nora Jones.  I listened to it a lot and associate it with the farm, with warmth, with love.  Apparently Henry does as well.  We danced in the kitchen, crying over missing the farm, but loving our new life and knowing that as long as our family is together…everything is beautiful and the way it should be. 

It was a good day.  It was a hard day.  It was a good day.