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Sundry things

Just to clear things up before I go any further………

sun·dry (sundrē)

adjective various; miscellaneous; divers sundry items of clothing

Etymology: ME sundri < OE syndrig, separate < sundor, apart

Anyway, did you know:

1)Today is the first of November

2) Being that it is November, we are skidding downhill at an alarming rate toward Thanksgiving and then CHRISTMAS.

3) That tonight is the end of daylight savings (thank God).  I adore dark early in the evenings. 

4)This is National Blog Month something-er-other month.  Whatever…it is an exercise in which you sharpen your blog writing skills and prove how dedicated you are to cyberspace. 

5) I am hurtling down the inevitable path that many knitters find themselves on…..spinning my own yarn.

6) Tomorrow is All Saints Day.     I love you Grandaddy and miss you terribly.

7) The new Tinkerbell movie is very good.

8) I am 12 rows and a bind off away from being done with the Tuscany Shawl.