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Iowa City

Hello to the few who read this blog.  Contrary to the title of this post, I am not writing from Iowa City.  I am writing from the porch of our new house in Nashville.  More on that later.  I hate to taint such a good thing with the grim news of Iowa City.

I am not sure that “grim” is the right word for Iowa City.  There is actually nothing grim about Iowa City 99% of the time (even in the winter).  The people are friendly and the city is full of fun things to do.  The grim comes in during the last two weeks of waiting for the flood, worrying about the flood, the coming of the flood and now the clean up of the flood. 

HH went up this past Saturday after getting the word from a friend that it looked like there was less than a foot of water left in our apartment.  When we loaded up to come back to Nashville, we intentionally left enough stuff for HH to live while he finishes his last yer in Grad School.   We left a mattress and the trappings for sleeping comfortably, the kitchenette, two upholstered chairs, a desk, bookshelves and a ton of his art reference books.  In addition to the intentional stuff, we left my favourite rocker, my favourite wood carving, my sewing machine, his sketch books (the last ten years worth) and a huge sculpture of a “my little pony” that his friend had made of insulation foam and plaster. 

Our upstairs neighbor called the day before the flooding to let us know it appeared to be imminent and to offer to move some stuff.  So, we had the property manager let him in and he was able to throw the books up on the loft, the mattress and the wood carving.  These things did not get wet from the flood, but did get very damp from the humidity.  HH and Matthew spent two days pulling things out of there and taking them to Matthew and Erin’s house to dry in the sun.  We lost a lot of stuff, but we were so lucky.  That carving was a piece his dad brought back from India and is precious to us both.  The sketchbooks represent so much of HH that I would be sick if they were gone and the art books are expensive.  So, all in all, we are lucky.  Additionally, we happened to have moved the weekend before all of this happened.  We were moving to our new home and took most of our things.  Also, our family did not have to be there, scared and uncertain about what would happen.  Grey has been so concerned about everyone we know.  I can’t imagine how devastated she would be if she actually saw it.

So, while we lost a few things, we could have lost so much more.  Our family is safe and happy and our new house is intact.  We are blessed. 

Please prey for those in Iowa City who have lost so much.  If there is anything you can do to help those devastated by the flood, please do so through the local Red Cross.