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Archive for May 16, 2008

Two Teeth Down and a Birthday Present from afar

Grey lost another tooth!  Check her out:

Becca sent me a great b’day present.  It was amazing that it got hear though.  She put a sticker label on it, but fortunately thought to write on the package before affixing the label.  The package got hear, with no label and no name!  I should have taken a photo of the package, the ink was almost the same color as the package.  Anyway, it was the oddest thing.  The package felt like a brick.  I opened it to find a crazy looking ball of yarn:

I looked and looked.  I discovered that there were items in the ball of yarn.  After one hour of unwinding lace-weight by hand, I found soap, bathwash, eye-cream, moisturizer and tea.  The yarn is a really pretty pink/red.  It is qiviut/merino/silk.  It’ very soft and feels like it will knit up beautifully.  Now to choose a patten from the bazillion on Ravelry!!!!