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What are you doing June 14?

Not only is the Artisan Festival going to be happening, but there’s knitting in the park for World Wide Knit in Public Day.  The Artisan Festival is an incredible experience if you haven’t been.  This is a juried craft fair.  The artists are of the highest quality.  HH and I know a few of them.  I went to school wit Sherry Ramsey-Hall.  She is a jeweler and is usually there.  Her work is magnificent.  Tell her I sent you if you happen to go.  After you hit the craft fair, come by and see me.  I will be with a bunch of people I don’t know, knitting.  It’s an outreach kind of thing and you know I love to get new people addicted  interested in knitting.  Come by, I will teach you to knit.  I’m planning on bringing some inexpensive needles.  I’ll teach you and you can take the yarn and needles!

Two Teeth Down and a Birthday Present from afar

Grey lost another tooth!  Check her out:

Becca sent me a great b’day present.  It was amazing that it got hear though.  She put a sticker label on it, but fortunately thought to write on the package before affixing the label.  The package got hear, with no label and no name!  I should have taken a photo of the package, the ink was almost the same color as the package.  Anyway, it was the oddest thing.  The package felt like a brick.  I opened it to find a crazy looking ball of yarn:

I looked and looked.  I discovered that there were items in the ball of yarn.  After one hour of unwinding lace-weight by hand, I found soap, bathwash, eye-cream, moisturizer and tea.  The yarn is a really pretty pink/red.  It is qiviut/merino/silk.  It’ very soft and feels like it will knit up beautifully.  Now to choose a patten from the bazillion on Ravelry!!!! 

My 38th Year

Henry will kill me for telling the world, but I am going to anyway.  I just turned 38 today.  It’s funny, I feel no different than yesterday. 

I had the best day.  Indulge me while I give you a little run down of the day.  We all slept until 7. This is late for me and Henry, but not so late that we can’t get the girls up and fed and out  the door.  The girls got dressed in their new matching dresses that Poppa bought them last night.  They were dressed by the time I was out of the shower and popped out from behind the door to sing Happy Birthday to me.  There is nothing cuter than a 3 and a 6 year old singing at 7:30 in the morning!  Once they were out the door Dad and Cindi called.   I got more well wishes.  Then Momma called….she let me sleep a little late just in case.  She usually calls at dawn…believe me, I count this as a blessing.  She called after 6am!

Then the maintenance man showed up and installed a tiny dishwasher in our apartment.  I am so thankful.  e have been washing dishes for 9 months and I cook, almost every night!  This was a blessing and it was on my birthday, so I count it as a birthday present.  Then Allison called.  Oh, I forgot to mention that Becca put the cutest birthday wish to me on Ravelry…she’s a sweet super cheeseball!  In the middle of all of this Wendy called.

This afternoon I went to Target while Henry got the girls.  I picked up pizza so that I had a night off from cooking.  I got home and we walked to an opening of some beautiful ceramics.  it was stunning.  Here’s a picture of the invitation.  The little leaf on it was a piece that a friend of the artist gave to Grey and Mycah.  It is a steel leaf.  This was prevalent in the artist’s show.  The girls were thrilled! 


We got home and had out pizza.  Then Henry busts out the cake!

Then I get a lot of sweet handmade gifts from Grey. 

Then my big gift from Henry……..wait for it…….wait…….a video camera!!!!!!  Oh yeah!  We have not had one and I am so excited.  It is charging now. 

During this time Grey is going back and forth to the mirror in the bathroom worrying about her loose tooth.  Next thing we know, she runs out and said it fell out!!!  This is so cool.  She lost her first non-dentist assisted tooth on my birthday. 

I ask you…how can I get any luckier.  From dawn till dusk I had family and friends wishing me the bast and loving on me.  sigh…life’s pretty damn good

Two Posts, One Day

I have to post this about my friend Erin.  She just started an Etsy shop with the cutest felted clips ever. Grey got to model soem for her today and I wanted to put up a few pics.  Here is her etsy shop, well if I get it to work.

Here are a couple of pics.  These are not on the site yet, but will be in a day or two.


Finished Object-Chemo Cap

My mom’s neighbor has had a drastic and sudden bought of leukemia.  That kind of “hmmmmI don’t feel good…hmmmmI feel bad, let’s go to the doctor” and then they don’t let you leave!  Her name is Lisa.  I don’t think I am giving anything away because strangers would have to do a lot of leg work to figure all this out and then why?  Anyway, she’s been very, very ill with the chemo and lost her hair.  Momma said she’s cool about it, but it is getting hot out and the sun is hell in TN, so I knit her a little something that should help with the sun a bit, warm her in the cool evenings and hopefully fill up her heart when she needs it.  I truly tried to think about Lisa with every stitch.  I got most of it done during a four hour wait in an airport on my way home.  I decided to not get upset about the plane or anything and just knit.  I hope that every stitch in that hat points her in the right direction.  Lisa, you go girl! 

Here it is, modeled, by Grey.  It’s a little big on her, but fits me fine and I have close to no hair after the hair was touching my ear episode!