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Archive for March 23, 2008


Yes, the Easter Bunny does come to Iowa.  The girls were so excited about the Easter Bunny last night that I was sure they would find their baskets before we got up to document any of the loot.  However, they apparently suffer from sleep amnesia.  They got up this morning, turned on the TV and vegged out.  I got up and told Henry to get up quick because I was afraid he would miss it.  But, no.  They sat long enough for me to make a pot of coffee, get the camera ready and pour both of us coffee.  I even had a few swallows before Henry finally said, lets get the Halloween baskets down so you can do the egg hunt (grey mentioned that I had failed to get them baskets).  While they were walking to the bedroom Grey spied the loot.  Her squeal caused Mycah to awaken from her TV induced stupor.  Here they are upon first inspection.


They dumped everything in the floor and had a great time. Mycah especially enjoyed the lip gloss.


After a long time and breakfast they started begging to go out front (the yard, so to speak) for the egg hunt.  While they were waiting for us to get dressed they spied a squirrel who had a funny looking nut.  It turns out that the squirrel found on e of the Easter eggs and was working furiously to crack it.  He managed to crack it and scurried up the tree with the miniature candy bar.  I have proof. 


By the way, it was snowing ever so lightly while they hunted eggs and it is terribly muddy, which explains Grey’s snow boots.  They used the big bubble wands from the baskets to blow huge bubbles.  Great fun was had by all. 


I hope you and yours had a wonderful and relaxing Easter.  I’m off to pan sear marinated lamb chops.