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mycahs-slippers.jpgmycah-and-slippers.jpgOn the knitting front…I finished Mycah’s slippers.  She insisted on non-matching star buttons. I just wanted to state for the record, they were not my choice, but the slippers were made for her, so I let it be.  She was pretty pleased but they do not stay on.  I think they may need a bit of elastic at the heel.  These are sized up from the Sarrtje’s baby booties I did for the Preemie Project.  Grey has requested a pair as well.  I will actually have to work to figure these out because her foot is much larger and I cannot just go up to a heavier yarn and larger needle like I did for Mycah.

Grey has not been left out in the cold though…Meme (my momma) sent her a pair of knitted slippers from TN.  Momma made them in a bright multi-colored yarn.  They are so cute.  Grey had pj day at school a few weeks ago and she had to wear them.  Of course, she stepped in something she described as “throw-up” and brought them home in a plastic bag.  The good news is that they washed and dried beautifully.  No harm, no foul and all of her classmates got to see them!


I currently have Elliot’s little sweater on the needles and a hat for the tops and pots swap on Ravelry.  I’m pretty excited about both but dying to cast on for a shawl from the new IK.   It is incredible to say the least.  I have some alpaca with a twist in a soft grey that I got from a new buddy I made at Knitty and who is also on Ravelry.  Here’s her blog…she’s pretty cool.   Check her out.  I got some lovely sock yarns too.  SO, I’m dying to cast on socks, as well.  There just is not enough time in the day to knit as much as I want, work, cook, clean and keep up with a couple of crazy girls.  Whoops…forgot the hubby…yeah he needs a little attention too!

Knitting for Peace, additional comment

One of the most obvious (to me) things that I left out of my last post on the Knitting for Peace book, is that the peace she speaks of serves not only the recipients.  The peace that is gained from dong good in the world and the chance for the quiet mind that I get when knitting is a blessing to me.  So, my gift to another actually results in a gift to myself.  So, charity knitting is an amazing circle of blessings that I highly recommend. 

Just my two cents, for what it’s worth.

Catching up

I actually have a couple of posts that I need to write, but just haven’t gotten around to it….mainly because I hate uploading photos to this thing.  WordPress doesn’t really make the photo part very easy. 

Anyway, I met Betty Christiansen of Knitting for Peacefame a little over a week ago.  I attended the Preemie Project Craft-A-Thon at the U of Iowa Hospital.  I went after work thinking I would take Grey with me and we would sit and knit a bit.  I wanted her to see that something as simple and as enjoyable as knitting can be a way of giving to others.  She got to see the booties I made and gave to the project.  It gave me a chance to talk to her a bit about doing for others….something I think is vital in the development of a person’s character.  Anyway, we show up and find about 200-300 girls scouts learning to knit.  It was part fo the day.  This gave girls scouts an opportunity to learn about the project and how to knot.  Hopefully many of these young women will do some service work for this project.  Anyway, I found Anne from Crazy Girl in the middle of about 10-12 girls being barraged with questions.  She looked like she needed a hand so I sat down and offered to help.   Grey and I wound up with 4-5 girls being our best buddies for the rest of the night.  Once grey had her fill Henry picked her up.  Then the girls scouts left. At the end of the night Betty Christiansen spoke about the joys of knitting for people you don’t know.  Her book is filled with about 15 different groups who are bringing comfort to people around the block or around the world one stitch at a time.  I’m such a dweeb I had to have my picture taken with her.  I guess she si my first knitting celebrity.  It’s funny, I have no desire to meet famous people unless I think they have something to say.  She does have something to say, so I was happy to meet her.  The Preemie Project Link is on my side bar….check it out.  


In other knitting news…my hubby has completed his first knitted object.  I have photographic evidence to support this statement!  It is below.  Henry had a project in books arts for a mobius.  It could be made out of any material he chose.  For some reason he decided to go for the yarn and needles.  The photo below is his first attempt.  It did not felt well and was so big that you could not really read it as a mobius.  He is wearing the skinny mobius wrapped twice around his neck as a muffler, though.  He cast on a second time and was much more successful.  He knitted the mobius in a tweed charcoal color cascade wool.  We felted it severely and then wrote family in a continuous script around the and in the mobius.  It was very nice. He felt the metaphor for a family being knit together and eternal was just what he needed in his mobius.  My husband is amazing.  I loved teaching him to knit and it made me feel like my knitting had some value to him. 


On the acupuncture front, I had my second session last Wednesday.  She tapped one spot on my forehead that sent pain shooting down my face.  She had to take it out because I could not take it.  She said that that spot held a lot of stress.  I don’t know about that, but I did not care for it.  Anyway, the rest of the session was ok. I left feeling exhausted again.  My arms started hurting that evening.  Thursday I felt like hell. My arms were so sore I did not want to knit and I could barely function.  I am not so sure that acupuncture is for me.  I will keep at it for another four visits because I told myself I would.  I just hope it gets better. 


Two finished objects to show off and two more works in progress to keep me honest!

First and best………taa-daa:

Lori’s stole is complete.  I am packing it up and it will be arriving in Georgia shortly. I started this stole in June for a going away present when I found out that Lori was taking a job at Brendnau.   I was pretty heart broken and wanted to give her something special.  I chose purple because it is one of her favorite colors.  I chose lace because she was moving to Georgia and Lord knows…you don’t need alpaca cabled scarves down there.  I chose the pattern, Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls, because I thought it was almost as beautiful as Lori.  I hope she likes it.

shawl-on-girl-close-up-crop-img_0419.jpgstole.jpg    stole2.jpg

Sorry about the titles…somebody needs to help a girl out on the thumbnails. 

Anyway,  the second FO is another pair of fetchings from  Fingerless gloves, you either love them or you hate them.  I love them.  This pair is for Mycah’s lead teacher, Miss Kim.  I just taught her how to knit, sort of.  I gave her yarn and needles, cast on for her, showed her two stitches and let her borrow a book.  Let me say that I just saw her 12 inch scarf…she’s moving right along.  She is so thrilled she can barely stand it.  Yes, not only do I love to knit, give knitted items and teach people to knit….I also like them to give them enough of the taste to get them totally addicted to the crac…er, yarn and needles.   Without further ado…yet another pair of Fetching:


Now, on to the works in progress.  The first is the Cable and Seed Stitch Cardigan from Debbie Bliss.   The little sweater is going to be great.  It is in DB’s cotton/angora blend.  It si so soft, it’s ridiculous.   This is the back.  Since the photo was taken, I have doubled the length and am about to finish the back.  I have to get serious on this, Elliot will be in high school before I finish at the rate I’m going.  Just kidding.  It only represents a few hours, baby things are so quick.  I also have one to knit for Aubrey, my other new niece.  I also plan on making a little something for Grey’s teacher.  She is about to have a little girl.


Lastly…I’m running out of steam here, folks….Noro Mitts.  This is a Blue Sky Alpaca pattern in Noro Silk Lite.  I have stayed away from Noro because it is SCRATCHY.  I know, this is akin to blasphemy in knitting circles, but everything I have picked up felt like burlap.  I found this Silk at Crazy Girl Yarn Shop in Coralville, Iowa.  There should be a link on the sidebar.  Anne was knitting the Blue Sky pattern in some buttery Blue Sky Alpaca and I thought that the Noro would look great in the pattern and it felt so much better than any I had fondled.  I knit this one for the shop and will make a pair for myself.  As you can see, I have the one on and I did not go into skin shock or anything, but it is a little tough on the skin.  I’m a real wimp when it comes to texture, but the colors are beautiful  I plan on doing a little work on the fiber to see if I can soften it up.  One thing you will not see on my pair is that damned ruffle.  I am sure that anyone who knows me is going WTF? Ruffles…Dianne….right.


I’m crashing and burning…time for bed.  Happy knitting!