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Archive for January 30, 2008


Yeah…I did it.  I decided to try some alternative medicine as a complement (not replacement momma) to help with some of the MS crap.  I know, I never mention the monster here, not sure why.  Anywho, I have been fighting fatigue and the weight gain that seems to go with it as well as a ridiculous oversensitivity to heat.  So, I got the nerve to finally go for it.  I saw a great woman, Danialia, today.  She is younger than me (go figure), calm and sensitive.  I told her I was a little nervous, so she put a needle right into the crown of my head.  It literally felt like I melted into the table.  The needles were almost imperceptible.  Henry quizzed me to the nth degree when I came back, but I didn’t know what to tell him.  I feel pretty good, but really tired.  It’s funny, I feel tired in a different way than before and I certainly can’t explain that for those of you who were planning on asking.  I will say that my forearms are so sore that I don’t want to knit and I am not sure about typing.  I am going to give this a real try.  I am committing to myself that I will try this once a week for six weeks.  I am also going to start my calcium, vitamin d and the biggy B12 (terribly low) for this same period.  I am also going to try the fish oil again.  I am hoping that doing something is better than the nothing I seem to be doing now.  Maybe since I said it in a public way I will feel responsible for sticking to my plan…..wish me luck!