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Happy Birthday to my Hubby

henry-mycah-grey.jpgHenry’s birthday is today.  I kind of suck…I hadn’t done anything really.  I made a decent dinner and I bought him a cheesecake at this amazing bakery in town.  Cheesecake is his favorite dessert. 

He has been able to kind of hang out and take it easy since school won’t be in for another week and a half…so I am very happy about that.  I’m also incredibly happy that I have been lucky enough to share my life with him for the past 14 or so years and that he gave me two beautiful girls.  He is probably the best-hearted man I have ever known.  He is kind, strong, a great father and a loving husband.  He is forgiving, slow to anger, but fiercely protective of “his girls.”  This is the day we get to celebrate having him here.  I think there is no better reason to celebrate in the world.  Henry, we love you!  Happy Birthday!