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Archive for December 26, 2007

Lost Teeth

Our oldest girl, Grey, lost her first TWO teeth.  I noticed about three weeks ago that a permanent tooth was coming in behind a baby tooth.  I waited a week thinking that the baby tooth would loosen.  It never did, so I made an appointment with our dentist in TN and he said that the baby tooth had to come out.  He also found a second one was in he same shape and pulled it. 

So, unfortunately, she lost her first two teeth unnaturally.  She did not seem to care.  I knit her a special pouch to take with her to the dentist.  The dentist was kind enough to deposit the teeth in a treasure chest and then put the treasure chest into the pouch.  That night the tooth fairy visited.  He exchanged the teeth for six gold coins.  I think she got a few extra for the suffering at the dentist.  She was a trooper according to Henry.   The extraction required a couple of shots in the gum.  but, she made it and is six dollars richer for the trouble!  Here’s before and afterimg_0193.jpg     img_0198.jpg