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Snow and Ice…gotta catch up with the weather

WOW.  I lived in TN my whole life.  So moving to Iowa has been a definite experience.   I’ve found the area to be beautiful and people friendly.  I knew I would get to see some snow……..but, WOW!  The first snow/ice was on Thanksgiving.  That one was only about 2 or so inches.  The next was one week later, another 3-4 inches.  And this morning a thick, glassy layer of ice on top of all of the misc ice/snow that  did not melt.   That we have had three frozen precipitation incidents before Christmas is in itself, mind-boggling.  But, the thought that it did not melt away before getting another is unbelievable for a Southern gal.  Nothing stops here…school is open, stores on a normal schedule, etc.  

Update:  just got a call from the school system…I spoke too soon.  The schools are closed today.  The ice is rather ugly out there and I don’t think it’s stopping anytime soon. 

The best part of this whole snow thing is the sheer and utter joy it brings to the girls.  Check it out: