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Ravelry Holiday Swap

Most of you who read my blog don’t do Ravelry, so I will have to fill you in.  A group of Ravelry folks were have a kind of secret Santa gift exchange.  There was a theme: De-stress and Knit (loosely).  Part of the swap was to send something from your stash and the other part was to send something to help a person recover from the madness and stress of the holidays.   I got my package the day we left Iowa and had only enough time to open it and snap a few pictures.

I had a great swap partner!  She’s in the UK.  I got some gorgeous green merino wool that I have never seen before, several patterns, chocolate, tea, cocoa, a recipe book and the girls each got a chocolate Santa!!!!  Each item was separately wrapped which made for a good deal of excitement for me and the girls.  The last to be open was the chocolate santas (per instructions) and the girls went crazy.  My swap partner goes my the name Sulkycat on Ravelry.  This was great fun and have had the opportunity to “meet” two new people through this experience, Sulkycat (the giver) and Cockeyed, the one I sent a package to.  

This was my first swap and will certainly not be my last….great fun!


Lost Teeth

Our oldest girl, Grey, lost her first TWO teeth.  I noticed about three weeks ago that a permanent tooth was coming in behind a baby tooth.  I waited a week thinking that the baby tooth would loosen.  It never did, so I made an appointment with our dentist in TN and he said that the baby tooth had to come out.  He also found a second one was in he same shape and pulled it. 

So, unfortunately, she lost her first two teeth unnaturally.  She did not seem to care.  I knit her a special pouch to take with her to the dentist.  The dentist was kind enough to deposit the teeth in a treasure chest and then put the treasure chest into the pouch.  That night the tooth fairy visited.  He exchanged the teeth for six gold coins.  I think she got a few extra for the suffering at the dentist.  She was a trooper according to Henry.   The extraction required a couple of shots in the gum.  but, she made it and is six dollars richer for the trouble!  Here’s before and afterimg_0193.jpg     img_0198.jpg

Snow and Ice…gotta catch up with the weather

WOW.  I lived in TN my whole life.  So moving to Iowa has been a definite experience.   I’ve found the area to be beautiful and people friendly.  I knew I would get to see some snow……..but, WOW!  The first snow/ice was on Thanksgiving.  That one was only about 2 or so inches.  The next was one week later, another 3-4 inches.  And this morning a thick, glassy layer of ice on top of all of the misc ice/snow that  did not melt.   That we have had three frozen precipitation incidents before Christmas is in itself, mind-boggling.  But, the thought that it did not melt away before getting another is unbelievable for a Southern gal.  Nothing stops here…school is open, stores on a normal schedule, etc.  

Update:  just got a call from the school system…I spoke too soon.  The schools are closed today.  The ice is rather ugly out there and I don’t think it’s stopping anytime soon. 

The best part of this whole snow thing is the sheer and utter joy it brings to the girls.  Check it out:


Advent Calender for Knitters

Check out this advent calender for knitters.

You ask in wonder,”where did you find this?”  I reply, “Ravelry, of course.”  Ravelry ROCKS!

Staye tuned, I’ll try to post picture of our handmade (kid made) Advent Calender tomorrow.