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Happy Thanksgiving

Like everyone else in cyberspace, I am going to indulge myself with a post about being thankful. 

In my day to day life I get caught up in chaos that comes with two young children.  The fussing, the rushing, the crying and the whining.  But, if I replay the days in my mind,there’s this…the hugging, the loving, the kissing, the snuggling, the helping.  An then, on top of all of that there is a house full of love when a family is all together, like they should be. 

I’m thankful for Henry, he gave me the girls and continues to be the greatest father and husband.  I’m thankful for the girls for all of the reason listed above and that I’m somehow a little softer because of them…I needed to be.  I’m thankful for my family in the states and in France ;-).  I’m thankful for my friends, those who have kept in touch even though we are very far from home and those new ones who have been so warm and embracing.  I’m thankful to my job… they thought enough of me to keep me even though I’m 600+ miles away.

And I’m thankful for two more things…a little less serious than the last.  I’m thankful for Ravelry and SNOW ON THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! 

Henry’s Hat

henrys-hat-for-blog.jpghenrys-hat-for-blog-4.jpghenrys-hat-for-blog-3.jpghenrys-hat-for-blog-2.jpgHenry wore his hat today.  He got a lot of comments on it.  It hasn’t been blocked yet, but he couldn’t resist.  He has been dying to get his hands on it.  I’m loading a few pictures of my most handsome husband in his new hat.

Almost done

henrys-hat-007.jpghenrys-hat-005.jpghenrys-hat-002.jpgA little more knitting content here….I am so excited.  I finished the fair isle portion of Henry’s hat.  It’s below.  This was taken about 4 days ago.  Now I have added the partial lining and tacked it down.  All that is left is washing and blocking.  Henry’s had it on and loves it!  It is super warm although it looks pretty light weight because the fair isle basically makes a double knit hat.  Plus, I lined it from the bottom edge to about 2.5 inches with cashmere!  He had it on inside for about five minutes while modeling it for the girls and had to take it off!  It’s too warm for inside wear.  It looks like I finished just in time since they are calling for snow on Thanksgiving!  I could like this place.

For you Sock Knitters…you know who you are!

You should check out All Tangled Up’s website.  It’s one of my consistently favorite blogs.  She is weighing sock yarns and comparing the weight with what is on the label.  A lot is pretty surpising.  A couple of grams here and there on a dk or worsted weight yarn may not make that much difference…but in sock yarn, it could be the difference in an unfinished second sock…especially if you’re knitting top down.   Here she is

Check this link out

I found this on Gleek’s website.   She has a really good blog with a bunch of links to patterns and such.  I used to go to her blog to find interesting patterns before Ravelry happened.   Anyway, she had a link to this –  – You gotta try it out.  Type a word in and it gives you the word in pictures. 

Knitting Content!

I took a faire isle class about a week ago.  I started a hat for Henry with a skull motif, but had some difficulty with tension and I got messed up on the pattern.  So yesterday morning I ripped it out.  I was heartless!!!!! I went to Crazy Girl Yarn Shop for a stitch and bitch session and got a ton of stuff done!!!!!! TAAAA-DAAAAAAAAA



halloween.jpggreyspiderqueen.jpgmycah-spiderman.jpgparade2.jpgparade-1.jpgparade.jpgpumpkin.jpgA few quick pictures of the girls from Halloween.  We carved pumpkins the Sunday before Hallowwen.  The girls decided they needed some extra decoration….flowers, of course.  Grey’s school has a parade on Halloween.  It was so cute and some of the older kids really got creative.  We went to Erin’s house to trick or treat.  We had a great time!  The girls got to trick or treat with 3 other kids and me and Henry got to hang out with the parents…we all had a great time!