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iowa-city-002smallandcreepy.jpgMom Momma gave me a blanket with Grey’s picture woven into it last year.  I love the picture. Grey is hugging a statue of Mary…yes as in Mary, mother of Jesus.  She is obsessed with this statue.  Funny, Henry’s mother’s name was Mary.  Anyway, Grey fell asleep on the couch next to it.  I took this picture and it is sooooo wierd!

Park in the “Ped Mall”


I’m so cool…I learned a new term…..Ped Mall as in Pedestrian Mall.  I kept calling it a square, so did Henry.  We could not figure out why everyone looked at us like we had two heads each.  Now we know.  It is not a square; it’s a Ped Mall.  Anyway, the whole point of this is to post some pictures of my favorite part of the Mall.  The best part is that it is so  kid friendly.  The library is right there.  It rocks and has a great kids section.  The playground is there and a water fountain is there.  This is like mom and kid heaven.  We usually walk to the Mall.  Actually, I walk and the girls bike.  They play, we eat, maybe go to story time and then come back.  By the time we have done all that the girls have gotten all of their wiggles out and are just worn out.  Of course, I am too, but it is worth it for us to get some exercise and spend some good time together.  Wow…this life is a little different than in TN. 

Beautiful Yarn

yarn-015.jpgEtsy is dangerous…be forewarned!  I found some great yarn here    The etsy shop name is White Willow.  I got one skein of lace weight in autumn colors.  It’s even better in person than in her shop.  I have ordered yarn before from small hand-dyers and been less than impressed.  But this one was worth the risk.  Now I have to figure out what to make.  I want a shawl for myself….maybe Icarus.  I’ve been wanting to do it forever.  I also have my eye on a couple of patterns in the Folk Shawl book. 

Henry put some shelves up for me.  I have been complaining of blank walls.  I hate the sterile white of the apartment.  We had to leave 99% of our art at home, so we are kind of blank….  So, Henry said why don’t you display some of your yarn like specimens.  Cool.  Here’s a picture.  It looks a little dinky in the photo because I was trying to get a photo of the whole set up, but it is actually scaled just about right for the little apartment.  It’s much nicer in person.