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2 posts in one day

smaller091807-029.jpgI was taking pictures tonight and remembered that I have never posted my note-cards on my blog.  This summer when I started my blog, my friend, Wendy, took photos of me knitting.  You may recognize the photo on the cards, it’s one similar to the one at the top of my page.  I use my cards for everything.  Anyway, Wendy is the owner of Little Fingers, Little Toes.  She is a former art teacher, like me.  She knits, paints, does photography and of course the graphics stuff for her business.  You should really check her out.  Her website is   .     She can do anything and will customize to boot!

By the way…had to end on a good not after all of the sky falling around me!

Potty Update

small091807-020.jpgWell, the floor is in, the toilet and sink are hooked up and we have water as of 4:30 this afternoon.  I think the maintenance men were quite surprised that we were back up in two work days.  I am reasonable sure that are scared to death of me as well.  I practiced my best take of an arm and feed them cake kind of foreman act.  Me…”you want a cup of coffee?”  Them, “sure, thanks so much.”  Me, “I sure do want the bathroom back…..hadn’t been very happy about this.  It took you two weeks for the same job two doors down?  You must have gotten sidetracked.  I want my bathroom back…my babies need a bathroom.”  blink,blink…sneer. 

So…I have a bathroom tonight.  The sheetrock mud is still wet, there is only one coat of it, no paint and a leaking sink…but its up and running.  Here’s a pic of it clean….let me say that it took a lot to get that clean after the mess they left.  But, I was so thankful for a potty, I didn’t say a word!