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Knitting, so much more than busy hands

So, I’ve been a little sad and a little worried that at 37 I lost any ability I ever had for making friends.  Iwas ready to put myself on e-Harmony to see if I could solicit a frined…seriosly jsut a friend, get your minds out of the gutters people!

Then I made two potential new friends within two days of one another.  I had a great caht with Amy on Thursday.  We had coffe adn jsut blabbed.  I didn’t really knit anything, just enoyed talking.  But, she is a fellow knitter, a creative person (writer), a mom and just an all around good hearted, nice person. I have anne to thank for this as weel as every other thing I have found in Iowa City. She introduced me to Amy via the web and I am very thankful to her, AGAIN.  I also found out that me and Amy have many things in common other than knitting and kids.   

Then on Saturday I took the girls to the downtown park.  I was sitting on the bench knitting while they were being insane and I looked over to find a Cate knitting on the bench next to me.  Of course, we immediately exchanged plesantries and she moved to my bench where we talked for an hour and knitted.  Her kids are so cute and every bit as enrgetic as mine, so the kids made two new friends while I made a new friend.  She was working on a cabled hat for a friend n chemo and I was working on the BSJ.  It’s funny, I see a pair of needles in someone’s hands and I just feel the need to talk to them. 

So, all of this happened in within two days time and things look a ittle brighter.  I will keep everyone posted.  

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  1. 🙂

    September 17, 2007 at 7:56 am

  2. Anne R.

    YAY!! Making friend connections is even better than making love connections. (Take that, Chuck Woolery!) Amy is a peach and I’m glad you hit it off. Keep those needles in hand and you’ll have a posse in no time. Your next Iowa City must: Tuscan tomato soup at Bread Garden downtown (on Clinton street next to Starbuck’s). Don’t ask how many calories–just love it.

    September 17, 2007 at 8:43 pm