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Crazy Girl Yarn Shop!

OK.  I’ve been in Iowa City for two weeks and no knitting, no yarning shopping, no nothing.  Life has been hectic.  I’m trying to get caught up at work after being out a week and trying to figue out a life that is 180 degrees different than in TN.  It’s funny, I seem to be having trouble adjusting to things being simpler!  I know, I must be one stressed out you-know-what.  Oh, well….that should take care of its self soon enough. 

Back to knitting.  Henry took me and the girls to The Crazy Girl Yarn Shop in Coralville yesterday.  Here’s the website.

Note, there are two.  I went to Coralville yesterday, I plan on hitting Muscatine very soon.  The shop was beautiful.  They carry lots of good serious knitting yarn.  Lots of Cascade.  They have an entire wall of every color know to woman of Cascade wool.  It’s stunning.  They have a huge table about two steps up from the main floor in the window with many chairs around it.  The lady in the shop…sorry I forgot her name…was super nice.  Her husband teaches art history at the University.  Henry said he gets rave reviews  ANyway, nice lady.  Unfortunately I could not look around too much.  It was nearing dinner time and the girls were getting cranky.  I can not wait to check out the other store and to get to the knit n’wine night onThursdays.  Yes, girls, that is not knit n’bithch, not even knit n’whine…but BYOB, knit n’wine!!!!!!  This is my kinda town.