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A knitted gift…for me!

I got the coolest gift(s) today from my friend Wendy.  I left her back in TN and have really missed her.  Anyway, she sent me a great hand knitted headband.  See……



She also sent me a cool sun-catcher….also handmade by a local artisan….very cool.  It’s got a cobalt blue glass that is incredible in the kitchen window.  THANKS WENDY!!!!

Iowa Grad Sculpture Show “Disarmature”

Departing from knitting for a moment to bring you my hubby’s latest news.  Henry had two pieces in the grad sculpture show at the University.  The name of the show “Dis-armature” was a play on the name of their normal gallery.  The usually show in this little hovel…no kidding, it is PART of a single wide trailer.  The space is terrible, lighting poor and no one wants to go over there.  That gallery has been dubbed “Armature.”   The new art building on the other hand, is spectacular.  It is a few years old, very modern, has a gallery space that is meant to showcase art, good lightning, high ceilings, clean walls….everything one would expect in a gallery space.  So, this was the first show sculpture got to have there…thus “Dis-armature.”

I have set up a seperate Flickr group for this.  Here’s the link.     I’ve included one photo here just becasue I had to!  I’m very happy with both the show adn Henry’s work.  It really seemed to come together.  he piece entitled “Interruption” is concerned with the sundry things that interrupt our lives and with signals being interrupted in the body.  Henry’s been dealing with issues that have intervened…interrupted…disrupted our lives in his work.  He has not shown any of it until this show.  He was a little concerned about revealing so much…but I totally support it.  People bring thier own thoughts and baggage when they view art.  He doesn’t have to SAY everything.  It’s there to be taken on its own.

I took the girls to the openeing.  They were great.  Here’s a picture of Mycah eating noodles….we call them Noonies. 

2 posts in one day

smaller091807-029.jpgI was taking pictures tonight and remembered that I have never posted my note-cards on my blog.  This summer when I started my blog, my friend, Wendy, took photos of me knitting.  You may recognize the photo on the cards, it’s one similar to the one at the top of my page.  I use my cards for everything.  Anyway, Wendy is the owner of Little Fingers, Little Toes.  She is a former art teacher, like me.  She knits, paints, does photography and of course the graphics stuff for her business.  You should really check her out.  Her website is   .     She can do anything and will customize to boot!

By the way…had to end on a good not after all of the sky falling around me!

Potty Update

small091807-020.jpgWell, the floor is in, the toilet and sink are hooked up and we have water as of 4:30 this afternoon.  I think the maintenance men were quite surprised that we were back up in two work days.  I am reasonable sure that are scared to death of me as well.  I practiced my best take of an arm and feed them cake kind of foreman act.  Me…”you want a cup of coffee?”  Them, “sure, thanks so much.”  Me, “I sure do want the bathroom back…..hadn’t been very happy about this.  It took you two weeks for the same job two doors down?  You must have gotten sidetracked.  I want my bathroom back…my babies need a bathroom.”  blink,blink…sneer. 

So…I have a bathroom tonight.  The sheetrock mud is still wet, there is only one coat of it, no paint and a leaking sink…but its up and running.  Here’s a pic of it clean….let me say that it took a lot to get that clean after the mess they left.  But, I was so thankful for a potty, I didn’t say a word! 

Dianne and the no good, terrible bad day

Ok.  I’ve had some rough days before and some even rougher than this…but this was not good.  We moved into this grad student type apartment a month ago.  Since then I have been trying to get the bathroom floor repalced.  It is absolutely rotted.  My announcement that it was rotted and moldy was met with some resistance.  Surely…I wouldn’t know.  Well, I WOULD KNOW THIS IS WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING!!!!  So, the workmen show up this morning to replace the floor…still a little skeptical about the extent of the damage.  Just to prove myself correct, I took photos for the world to see………….do I sound pissed yet?  I am. 

That’s not the end……no the fridge, taht I have complained about since day one died adn they got it replaced at 4pm after many things ruined and we had to borrow fridge/freezer space from our neighbor upstairs.

So, as if that wasn’t enough……I forgot to pick up Grey!  School called right after I hung up from my 2 hour long conference call….I was 15 minutes late.  She had stopped crying once the secretary told her I was on my way, but I cried all the way home.  I feel like the worst mother in the world.

Now we are off to get something to eat and find a hotel.  pray for me.  

Knitting, so much more than busy hands

So, I’ve been a little sad and a little worried that at 37 I lost any ability I ever had for making friends.  Iwas ready to put myself on e-Harmony to see if I could solicit a frined…seriosly jsut a friend, get your minds out of the gutters people!

Then I made two potential new friends within two days of one another.  I had a great caht with Amy on Thursday.  We had coffe adn jsut blabbed.  I didn’t really knit anything, just enoyed talking.  But, she is a fellow knitter, a creative person (writer), a mom and just an all around good hearted, nice person. I have anne to thank for this as weel as every other thing I have found in Iowa City. She introduced me to Amy via the web and I am very thankful to her, AGAIN.  I also found out that me and Amy have many things in common other than knitting and kids.   

Then on Saturday I took the girls to the downtown park.  I was sitting on the bench knitting while they were being insane and I looked over to find a Cate knitting on the bench next to me.  Of course, we immediately exchanged plesantries and she moved to my bench where we talked for an hour and knitted.  Her kids are so cute and every bit as enrgetic as mine, so the kids made two new friends while I made a new friend.  She was working on a cabled hat for a friend n chemo and I was working on the BSJ.  It’s funny, I see a pair of needles in someone’s hands and I just feel the need to talk to them. 

So, all of this happened in within two days time and things look a ittle brighter.  I will keep everyone posted.  

High 70, low 45

Yes….those are the temps here.  I will enjoy this while I can….nananananananna!  Yeah, I know I’ll be sorry in a couple of months whne I am rear end deep in snow, but right now I am in heaven. 

Still hvaing some challenges on every other front.  Working in my apartment by myself…all day and only leaving to pick up the girls (if Henry doesn’t) is a little lonely.  I’m supposed to have coffee in the am with a a friend I met through the knitty board.  It’s not that I can’t make friends…I hope…it’s just where do you get them when you are sequestered in your apartment all day long.  Working from hom eis also hard in that I don’t have my co-workers to bounce ideas off of and such.  My job isn’t brain surgery, but contracts and policies can get pretty complicated.  I’m here and I just have to slog my way through it. 

Enough of that….ok on th eknitting front, I have done another repeat on the Kimono shawl, I finished the baby hat I was working on, got one baby bootie done and have started a baby surprise acket.  There’s a lot of baby making going on around me…so my needles may burst into flames trying to beat the rush!  I’ll post pictures later. 

Speaking of babies….Ali, my sis, is having a girl!  I’m voting for Elodie forthe name.  Our other sis has a friend named Elodie (in France) and I think it is the cutest name.  Ali wants an “E” name, so that’s my favorite “e” name.  Heather, another sis is also having a nany…not sure of the sex yet.  I bet it’s a girl!  On our family front…in case you have to ask…………………NONONONONO……we’re done.  What do they say, two and through? I love babies, but I think I am maxed out.  I really admire anyone who can keep it together with more, I just can’t.

Well, I’m going to sit on the poorch and knit….later!

Crazy Girl Yarn Shop!

OK.  I’ve been in Iowa City for two weeks and no knitting, no yarning shopping, no nothing.  Life has been hectic.  I’m trying to get caught up at work after being out a week and trying to figue out a life that is 180 degrees different than in TN.  It’s funny, I seem to be having trouble adjusting to things being simpler!  I know, I must be one stressed out you-know-what.  Oh, well….that should take care of its self soon enough. 

Back to knitting.  Henry took me and the girls to The Crazy Girl Yarn Shop in Coralville yesterday.  Here’s the website.

Note, there are two.  I went to Coralville yesterday, I plan on hitting Muscatine very soon.  The shop was beautiful.  They carry lots of good serious knitting yarn.  Lots of Cascade.  They have an entire wall of every color know to woman of Cascade wool.  It’s stunning.  They have a huge table about two steps up from the main floor in the window with many chairs around it.  The lady in the shop…sorry I forgot her name…was super nice.  Her husband teaches art history at the University.  Henry said he gets rave reviews  ANyway, nice lady.  Unfortunately I could not look around too much.  It was nearing dinner time and the girls were getting cranky.  I can not wait to check out the other store and to get to the knit n’wine night onThursdays.  Yes, girls, that is not knit n’bithch, not even knit n’whine…but BYOB, knit n’wine!!!!!!  This is my kinda town.