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We’re here!!!!

mycah-and-henry-bike2.jpggrey-bike.jpgplayground-downtown2.jpgplayground-downtown.jpgmycah-bike-1.jpgWOW…what an adventure.  Mycah and I arrived at 11:45 on Tuesday.  By noon on Friday I had unloaded all but 2 boxes in the kitchen (the junk drawers) and 2 boxes of misc clothes for me and Henry.  I’ve been to Target four times, the grocery twice and two different Paneras!  I have to say this little city is a lot bigger than I thought.  There are 30,000 students at the University! 

Grey loves her little school. There are about 250 children grades k-6 in the school.  Needless to say, the teachers know your name after the first day, the principal and secretary do as well.  The older children have vaious responsibilities that include helping the Kindergarten kids.  They preach community building and certainly seem to back that up with action.  I could not be happier with the school! 

Mycah started school on Wednesday.  She went for about three hours, increased to 5 on Thursday and about six on Thursday.  She’s adapting well.  She has a great teacher and the facility is amazing.  They are a regional daycare and just came to Iowa City two years ago.  They are in a brand new, customized space and have the coolest playground.  They are in the downtown area so the playground is on that rebound turf stuff and is behind 8ft tall sections of metal that has stamped out shapes in it.  This makes the playgound seem like a little hide-a-way. 

The apartment is shaping up.  Everything is in its home now.  We bought 5 shelving units from Target to put our books and TV on.  It really makes the place look more like home.  Mycah keeps calling the living room our library,since it looks like our old library a little with all of the books.  Grey was very happy when I got everything unpacked and situated.  She really seemed to calm down. 

Well, I guess I should leave you with some pictures of the area.  I’ll write more later.  The apple cobbler I just made is calling my name!  After all of the walking I’ve done, I don’t have to feel too bad about it!