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Archive for August 14, 2007

I should be packing

Henry and Grey left today.  Mycah and I are roaming around the house, looking at the mess wondering when the faeries come to pack up.  The U-Haul rental did not mention the use of faeries; I’m hoping they are a freebie with the contract. I am procrastinating. It’s funny, I’m sooo excited about the move…but I’m so afraid.  I generally don’t have trouble finding my way or making new friends or at least acquaintances, but I’m afraid that I’ll never have a group of friends like those that I have here.  I know…it’s just two years, but I think this is the end of an era.  I was adopted into a group of friends in the ‘Boro like none I have ever had before.  It’s funny that I know that if I need help, an excuse to have a drink, a shoulder to cry on or some one to totally understand life with family and work and all the other stuff; I know there’s someone to call..  I don’t know how I got so lucky and I don’t know how to get lucky like that again.Things are changing so much, Lori’s in Georgia, with family soon to follow; Wendy’s splitting up with her husband; Dollie’s going back to school in a field that will most probably cause them to move.  Supper club disbanded (at least formally) a year ago and we’re scattering to the wind.  The thing is, all of the se changes will be good for each family, will give each what they need to grow and move, but I still seem to feel a little blue. I stopped by the Knaughty Knitter on Sunday.  I’ve made some friends there.  I didn’t get to hang out that much, but every time I did I was welcomed with open arms.  There’s a knitting store in Iowa City that everyone has raved about, but I’m afraid it will take me two years to feel at home there and then we will be gone. I didn’t mean this post to be such a downer.  I’m sure it’s just the stress talking to me.