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Is it wrong….

Becca, my sis, was here about one month ago.  She crochets some.  So, I bought her a crochet magazine, a hook and let her shop in my stash.  Harmless enough…right?  Well, I took her to the Knaughty Knitter along with our other sis, Ali.  She felt up all the yarn, bought some, looked at the patterns, knitting samples, my stuff, etc.  I had taught her the knit stitch a year or so ago…last time she was home.  I think it stuck this time.  Now she’s seen the light, the variety of patterns, the “good” yarn, the shaping, non-doily looking garments to be made…lace.  She’s hooked!  She called today to brag about her stash addition and to show me over the Internet what she got.  I’m so bad, it’s an expensive hobby.  It’s time consuming.  You get lost in it.  But, it’s so good.  Now to turn my fiendish knitting attention to Ali!

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