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I had a terrible disaster with some laceweight silk that I wound into a center pull ball over two months ago.   The reason that I had not used it was because I was afraid it would be a mess if I tried to do anything with it.  Well… was!  I started the mystery shawl again (more on that later) and no more than 10 rows in I hit a hideous knot.  I fixed it and moved on…then another…then another.  The last knot came simultaneously from the inside and the outside bottom!  I was devastated.  This is some gorgeous stuff I got from the Knaughty Knitter.  Here’s a pic.    The one I bought is the orange/rust/red/brown right in the middle and yes it is prettier in person than in the picture, believe it or not!  To continue…I am almost in tears realizing that I now have to ball the yarn before I can go any further.  So, Henry and I work for 4 hours trying to detangle.  It was 1:30am before we went to bed.  No, I did not get finished and no I will absolutely not trash it and get more.  It was expensive, I love it and I am not even sure I could replace it.  Henry was begging me to throw it away by the time 1am hit, but I will not.  I might add that I did get a good bit undone and it is beautiful in the mystery shawl.   I told my story to my co-workers (great guys).  Both said…..He really loves you!  I know…he does….I have the BEST husband!So, the mystery shawl.  I had to abandon the first attempt.  All was wonderful until I got this bright idea half halfway through chart B of clue 1 to reduce the two charts to get them on one page.   Apparently, I did not line them up correctly.  My shawl is beautiful on one side and terrible on the other.  Oh well, I bound it off for a Barbie doll shawl for the girls.  They totally appreciate it.   I’ll try to post a picture later.  I did bring it into work to show the guys.  Yes, I work with mostly men and yes, they have to make believe they have some interest in my knitting just as I do for bowling.  SO, I pull out the triangle shawl to show the guys.  It is about 6 inches tall and 8 inches wide or so at the widest point and yes, it is lace.  The guys stand, mouths open looking at the shawl until one gets the nerve to ask…”Are those knitted panties?” Uh, no, nut the black lace triangle does resemble the front of a thong….whoops! By the way, most of you probably know this by now, but I thought I would announce it anyway.  I’m moving to Iowa.  With Henry in school for two more years and having done one year without him, we just could not stand the thought of another separation.  I will be telecommuting with my current job.  We have made arrangements for my dear Uncle to live at the farm and have rented a tiny apartment across the street from campus.  It is a three minute walk to the art building.  Grey will start kindergarten in August and her school is .88 miles from the apartment according to Google Maps.  I haven’t found a pre-school for Mycah, but I know that will work out.  All that matters is that we are together 

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  1. becca

    HAHAHA YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, no!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!

    Whew! How many emotions have I felt just READING this passage! Let alone you having to live it!

    I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    happy for you and Henry and the girls! YEAH!!!! YEAH!!!! YEAH!!!!! So the house must have been up to standards I guess. Good.
    And I think you do indeed have if not the best husband in the world (that would be mine – NOT) then at least one of the top 10!
    You work with some hoots must be a laugh a minute! But I tell you what I think you can go in the Guinness for the most expensive baby doll shawl in the whole world! Hitting all kinds of records these days!
    Good luck getting the knots out. By the way, what’s up with that? I thought your mystery shawl was black… Love you!

    July 13, 2007 at 10:17 am

  2. I am happy for you but at the same time I am sad… I am so going to miss you. I know we don’t see much of each other but the every once in a while run in is so nice and I will miss them. But I know this will be so much better for you and the girls. sniff sniff…

    July 15, 2007 at 7:56 pm