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Archive for June 23, 2007

Little Ponies + Papa + Dice = Dungeon Mistress in Training


Here’s the aftermath of the battle.  Grey beat Papa…hands down.  Yes, he spent the morning explaining how to roll dice to see who goes first, how bad the hit is, etc.  I’m pretty sure HH will not be happy until he teaches at least one of the girls to game since I have no interest.  Oh well, I knew it was coming.

Storm On The Farm


Sometimes mother nature gives you a little surprise……sometimes they are nice…rainbows, sparkling white snow, autumn leaves…….sometimes they suck.  Last Monday we had “isolated thunderstorms.”  They were so isolated in fact, that there was no warning.  HH called me from the studio.  I was working and he wanted me to check the weather on-line because he needed to know if this crazy storm had passed.  He was cleaning out the studio when it started hailing and the wind picked up.  He said the wind was coming from all over.  He ran into the stdio.  It’s a metal Quonset hut.  He heard a loud crash and thought he was a goner.  Luckily he was not, but I can’t say the studio faired well.  Neither did 2 full trees, three partial trees and my garden.  It looks like we will be lucky to get tomatoes this year!  Everything else bit the dust.  We spent a couple of hours just chainsawing and getting the wood off the garden.  By the way, the trees that fell were all healthy walnuts except for the one that fell way in the back.  It was an oak.  It was probably 75 years old.  Once it fell, we could see that it had some rot at the core, but most of the tree was very good and it still leafed.