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Kimono Shawl

detail-shawl-sm.jpgshawl-as-still-life.jpg    detail-shawl.jpg        close-up-shawl.jpg

OK…I started this shawl a couple of times.  The first time I used two strands of lace-weight, one was lavender and the other was wine.  The mix of colors and the combined weight obscured the pattern so much that it just did not work.  So, HH said leave it one the needles and start the other in just the lavender.   So, I took his suggestion and knit up to the same point, one repeat, and discovered that he was so right….it needs to be one color and one strand.  HH is always right!  So…here’s so,e of the progress.  By the way…I love this pattern.  I can not wait to give it to the intended recipient! 


Today is the first day of my vacation.  Henry said, “So what are you going to do…what are your plans?”  My reply?  NOTHING I don’t want to do.  Henry was quite taken aback.  You see, “nothing” is not something I do.  Whenever I take time off it is to reorganize something, paint something, build something, accomplish something.  I take off from work to work at home.  Things have been tough since HH has been in school and I’ve had the girls by myself.  There have been times I have had it all under control and times when I was just getting by.  I’m tired and I need a break.  I am going to try to take a break.  We’ll see if I can do it.  It’s like a body in motion stays in motion.  I’m going to put the breaks on.

My sister, Becca, is in from her home in France.  Her hubby, Christophe, stayed home and she brought her kids, Remi and Alex. Remi is 9 (boy).  Alex (Alexandra) is 7.  Alex and my youngest, Mycah, share a birthday.   Alex feels a special connection with Mycah that I hope lasts forever.  I miss them when they aren’t here.  I’m elated that they have come for a visit.  They are the main reason I took off and I plan to spend as much time as I can just hanging out with my sisters, all their children and my girls.  (My other sis, Ali, has three kids, Chance, Emmy and Evans)