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I must be crazy….

I think I needed a little pick me up after the lace debacle on Sunday.  So…what should a knitter in need of a quick fix do?  WHY>>>>join a new mystery KAL!  There is a button below if anyone is interested. The thematic color choice is white or black, but it looks like anything in the grey area would be ok.  This is so cool.  You will get a piece of the pattern once a week and knit along with everyone else. There is no picture to influence how you think it should look.  At the end of the KAL, everyone will have a stole.  I pulled out a varigated marino sock yarn from my stash.  It’s black, off-white and has a little brown in it (I know, I’m cheating).  I purchased some beads at the hobby store and a bead needle (on Meredith’s advice).  We’ll see how it goes. 

On the current knitting front, I have picked up the Lotus Tank again.  I had finished it once, but over modified the top.  I did not like how the seam went across the bust.  Since I am NOT lacking in that department, I knew this would be a bad look for me…something that would earn me a place on “What Not To Wear!”  So, I did a little over working on the pattern and wound up with something that approached a mock-turtleneck.  I was so mad.  I ripped it back to below the armpits at banished it to a dark corner.  My sister Becca, was in from France, so I had to show her my stash, my projects, all things knitting.  In the process the tank was pulled out.  I now remember why I love the pattern, even if it needed a lot of work for a big busted gal….it’s beautiful.  On top of the pattern being gorgeous, I am knitting it in the Frida Kahlo colorway by Schaefer.  Here’s a picture of the color.

Any way…I have cast off the front and am half finished with the top back.  I can’t wait to wear it.

Wendy asked me for an explanation on the WAHHH  post a few days ago.  The short story is, Mycah pulled ten live stiches off the needles of the lavender Kimono shawl I was working on.  I can’t get the stitches picked back up right and it is waiting for me to get the nerve to rip it back to a point that I can figure out what’s going on…..sad.

Oh well, at least I have the KAL!!


Knitting lace around sleep-deprived, over excited, sugared up 2.5 year old is not recommended!  Be warned.  Too upset to even give details.

Little Ponies + Papa + Dice = Dungeon Mistress in Training


Here’s the aftermath of the battle.  Grey beat Papa…hands down.  Yes, he spent the morning explaining how to roll dice to see who goes first, how bad the hit is, etc.  I’m pretty sure HH will not be happy until he teaches at least one of the girls to game since I have no interest.  Oh well, I knew it was coming.

Storm On The Farm


Sometimes mother nature gives you a little surprise……sometimes they are nice…rainbows, sparkling white snow, autumn leaves…….sometimes they suck.  Last Monday we had “isolated thunderstorms.”  They were so isolated in fact, that there was no warning.  HH called me from the studio.  I was working and he wanted me to check the weather on-line because he needed to know if this crazy storm had passed.  He was cleaning out the studio when it started hailing and the wind picked up.  He said the wind was coming from all over.  He ran into the stdio.  It’s a metal Quonset hut.  He heard a loud crash and thought he was a goner.  Luckily he was not, but I can’t say the studio faired well.  Neither did 2 full trees, three partial trees and my garden.  It looks like we will be lucky to get tomatoes this year!  Everything else bit the dust.  We spent a couple of hours just chainsawing and getting the wood off the garden.  By the way, the trees that fell were all healthy walnuts except for the one that fell way in the back.  It was an oak.  It was probably 75 years old.  Once it fell, we could see that it had some rot at the core, but most of the tree was very good and it still leafed.

Kimono Shawl

detail-shawl-sm.jpgshawl-as-still-life.jpg    detail-shawl.jpg        close-up-shawl.jpg

OK…I started this shawl a couple of times.  The first time I used two strands of lace-weight, one was lavender and the other was wine.  The mix of colors and the combined weight obscured the pattern so much that it just did not work.  So, HH said leave it one the needles and start the other in just the lavender.   So, I took his suggestion and knit up to the same point, one repeat, and discovered that he was so right….it needs to be one color and one strand.  HH is always right!  So…here’s so,e of the progress.  By the way…I love this pattern.  I can not wait to give it to the intended recipient! 


Today is the first day of my vacation.  Henry said, “So what are you going to do…what are your plans?”  My reply?  NOTHING I don’t want to do.  Henry was quite taken aback.  You see, “nothing” is not something I do.  Whenever I take time off it is to reorganize something, paint something, build something, accomplish something.  I take off from work to work at home.  Things have been tough since HH has been in school and I’ve had the girls by myself.  There have been times I have had it all under control and times when I was just getting by.  I’m tired and I need a break.  I am going to try to take a break.  We’ll see if I can do it.  It’s like a body in motion stays in motion.  I’m going to put the breaks on.

My sister, Becca, is in from her home in France.  Her hubby, Christophe, stayed home and she brought her kids, Remi and Alex. Remi is 9 (boy).  Alex (Alexandra) is 7.  Alex and my youngest, Mycah, share a birthday.   Alex feels a special connection with Mycah that I hope lasts forever.  I miss them when they aren’t here.  I’m elated that they have come for a visit.  They are the main reason I took off and I plan to spend as much time as I can just hanging out with my sisters, all their children and my girls.  (My other sis, Ali, has three kids, Chance, Emmy and Evans)

Knitting SuperGrans Rock!

Check this out………..

Here are photos of a campaign by Innocent Drinks    in England late last year.  They had  more than 144,000 hats knit for thier smoothies.  For every smoothie bought with a hat, 50pence was donated to keep the elderly warm in England.  See what can be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do all knitters have cats?

KikiI’m thinking we need a poll or a study or something similar.  I am a cat person.  I married a cat person and we have two cat children.  I also love to knit.  I have found so many knitting blogs that also include lots of family cat pictures that I could not begin to count them.  So…what is it?  Henry says it’s because the get very mellow after growing out of kittenhood and can sit in your lap while you knit.  I think it may be a texture thing….cats feel so good….yarn feels so good…..cats are quiet, until provoked…knitting is quiet until “provoked.”  I’m sure I will think of more similarities, but my two-year old is talking my ear off at the moment and I have lost my train of thought. 

On the knitting front, I cast on for the Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls…twice.  I had trouble deciding what yarn to use. I am either going to use a lavender Zephyr with an aubergine Lacey Lamb held together or just the lavender Zephyr single.  I decided to knit about 4 inches in each so I can get a good visual.  I want this to be perfect and it is causing me some distress.   I’ll put up pictures of the swatch later.

The new kitty’s name is Kiki.